Liane Hansen and Andy Markley

Here's a snapshot of yours truly with Liane Hansen, host of NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday when the Jimmie Spheeris segment was broadcast nationwide on 3 July 2000. There were over 37,000 visitors at this site that day. This snapshot was taken after the interview, at the big break table where WESUN staff share breakfast after each broadcast.

I like Liane immensely and have the greatest respect for her and everyone at NPR. Support your local public radio station.

Listen to the NPR segment

The Jimmie Spheeris Memorial Gallery:

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Two Andys

Andy Lyman (producer for the Jimmie NPR piece) and your humble webmaster (grinning on the roof at NPR).

Did you know that Johnny and I had not met in person before the NPR adventure? We'd only talked on the phone and swapped email. We may have met at a party in a house Jimmie rented in Malibu around 1980, but we can't remember for sure.

Anyway, this is good. My connecting flight from Chicago to DC had been canceled. United Airlines forgot to tell their paying customers that they were wrestling with a major worker strike. They blamed everything on the weather, leaving thousands of people stranded in Chicago without so much as a howdy-do or a free cup of coffee. If you have half a brain in your head, you'll never buy a ticket from United Airlines. I trusted them, they took my money, and then they proceeded to nearly screw me out of a labor of love, 16 years in the making. They don't care. Their skies are not friendly.

I was up all night trying to get a standby flight. I was a wreck. I finally made it to DC, grabbed a cab and raced to my hotel. Thirty-five bucks later, I dragged my butt and my suitcase from the cab. Some weird guy was frantically trying to flag down my cab.

I was wearing a Jimmie T-shirt. The guy looked at me and did a classic, cinematic double-take. He said, "Andy?"

It was Johnny Pierce. It was a perfect moment. Johnny was trying to nail that cab so he could go to NPR in case I didn't make it in time. We ran to his room. I washed my face, changed my shirt and off we went.

The control room where they produce Weekend Edition Sunday. The studio in the background is where we did the interview with Liane Hansen.

Rick is a longtime Jimmie fan and new friend (we met through this site). Here's a shot of Rick in the studio at NPR, taping a remembrance that became part of the promo for the Jimmie segment on NPR.