Alternate cover for Isle of View

Painting by Ingo Swann

This is the beginning of a wing in the gallery for images and stories from Idalie Adams. Idalie has a long and fascinating history with Jimmie, going back to the early years... we'll have more details about that soon (note that Idalie is listed in the 'Thank You' credits on Isle of View).

She's making new material available to you here, and we'll add more soon. To begin, here's a painting of Jimmie, which hangs in her son's home. Jimmie is her son's father. Here are Idalie's comments.

The Jimmie Spheeris Memorial Gallery:

When Jimmie was working on his first album with Columbia Records, he commissioned his friend, Ingo Swann, to paint a cover for the album. He asked Ingo to paint him rising out of the sea by an island, to paint him with his side pierced and a rainbow coming out of the wound.

The painting is quite large -- about 4 1/2 feet by 5 feet. Before it was finished, Jimmie came home one day with a picture he found in a small antique shop. It is the picture that became the cover for the Isle of View album. He said, "I found the cover for the album today."

When I asked what he was going to do with the painting, he said, he didn't know... that by all rights it belonged to Columbia Records. When Ingo brought the painting over, I fell in love with it. But Jimmie could not be swayed; he wanted the other print for the cover. The painting hung in our apartment from then on. Columbia never asked for it, and Jimmie gave it to me for my birthday because he knew I loved it so much.

When I moved to Florida, I gave the painting to our son, Jim. It now hangs in his bedroom. He loves it, probably more than I do. We are happy to share it with his many fans. As you can see, it is a well-crafted image that portrays the Isle of View theme. The colors are soft and the feeling is magical. it is Jimmie.

The Jimmie Spheeris Memorial Gallery:

How Idalie Met Jimmie

The Jimmie Spheeris Memorial Gallery:
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