Jimmie Spheeris: Armadillo WHQ with Cheezmo Shmaltz

Longtime friends (and Jimmie fans) Merry and Ed produce lovely, handmade jewelry through their company, The Magic Zoo. Their work often takes them to trade shows and art fairs across the USA.

They found this vintage poster in a booth at a recent event in Austin, Texas... and sent it along. I'm very pleased to share it with you.

It's a promo poster for a concert at the famous Armadillo World Headquarters in February, 1977. Jimmie headlined the show and the opening act was Cheezmo Shmaltz (is that a great name, or what?).

The poster design is by Guy Juke. I just Googled his name and found several resources and references. I'll try dropping him a line and will update this page with any worthwhile info.

I love this drawing. You can see a close-up of the wonderful, detailed line work here. Kudos and thanks to Merry and Ed - and Guy Juke.

The Jimmie Spheeris Memorial Gallery: jimmiespheeris.com
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