Jimmie's last apartment

We had so many good times here, in Jimmie's last apartment. It's on a little bluff, about six blocks from the beach in Ocean Park, California. From the front windows, you can see the blue Pacific. I first learned of Jimmie's death at the Circle Bar and immediately walked here. I thought there must be some mistake. I passed the corner of Third Street and Ashland Avenue on my way.

Paul Delph, who produced Jimmie's final album, met me at the door with tears in his eyes. "We lost a good one," he said... and I knew it was true.

Paul and his partner eventually took over the apartment. Paul lived there until he moved to his parent's home in Cincinnati, shortly before he died of AIDS. He died the night the first page of this site went online... 21 May 1996.

You can read a related story called "Paul's New Phone Number" here.

Note: If you live nearby and know this building, please don't bother the people who live there now. This photo is posted for historical purposes.

The Jimmie Spheeris Memorial Gallery: jimmiespheeris.com
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