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Jimmie Spheeris Memorial Gallery: Art101.com Jimmie Spheeris Memorial Gallery: Art101.com

5 November 1949 — 4 July 1984

Lovingly dedicated to Jimmie's memory by fans and friends. Join the discussion on Facebook.

Jimmie Spheeris Memorial Gallery: Art101.com

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January 2014

Free Jimmie Spheeris T-shirt artThe old Jimmie Blog is discontinued, in favor of Alaric's great fan page on Facebook. Stop by to meet fans. Please share your stories and photos.

NEW: Download free Jimmie T-shirt art from the original restoration project. It's suitable for printing on transfer paper.

New features on this site include updates in the "more photos and art" gallery... see Jimmie in concert, 1975, A mystery solved and Letter from Jimmie to a fan. You'll also find new pages detailing how cover art for Isle of View and Ports of the Heart were restored.

A new wing for Jimmie's friend and backing vocalist, the late Doreen Davis is under construction.

Check out the updated listing about Jimmie on Wikipedia ... it includes biographical info and links to Wikipedia pages about artists who worked with Jimmie. If you have something to contribute, go for it!

The Jimmie Spheeris Memorial Gallery: jimmiespheeris.com

News archive 2006

After receiving several hundred letters from Jimmie fans since we pulled the full version of this site offline on 26 November 2003, we decided to make it available again. The reasons for pulling the full site offline are another long, strange chapter in an ongoing mystery. I'll tell you about it some time... maybe on the Facebook Fan Page. Anyway, thanks to the fan's ongoing encouragement, the full site is back online and updated... with pictures and art, lyrics, links, and lots of other resources for those of us who remember and cherish Jimmie's work.

This is a fan site. Just a fan site. There are probably millions of fan sites for musicians all over the net. We work carefully (more like walking on eggshells) to make sure we don't tread on anyone's rights or feelings. We don't sell anything, and we don't make any money. Hosting this site is more like a giant black hole attached to our bank accounts. That said, we'll continue to improve the site, add new features, and do everything else we can think of to make sure Jimmie's work lives on. Damn the torpedoes - full speed ahead. Please read the fine print.

This site began as a two-page "anybody remember Jimmie?" experiment on 21 May 1996. My goal at the time was to find replacement copies for my beat-up, out-of-print, Jimmie Spheeris vinyl LPs. Surprisingly, things took a turn I never expected. Tens of thousands of Jimmie fans all over the world made their voices heard. One in particular, the late Johnny Pierce, opened his heart and his photo archives. To make a long story short, the music was saved and preserved for future generations.

Jimmie and I were friends. I think he'd like what we're building. Thanks for keeping the flame burning.

Andy Markley, Founder, The Jimmie Spheeris Memorial Gallery

The Jimmie Spheeris Memorial Gallery: jimmiespheeris.com

Coming Soon: Rare Jimmie LPs

The late Doreen Davis, Jimmie's friend and musical collaborator (see: Original Tap Dancing Kid) made eight copies of rare Jimmie LPs from her personal collection available to help pay for the cost of maintaining this site. More details will be available soon.

The Jimmie Spheeris Memorial Gallery: jimmiespheeris.com

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Previous articles and features from the old site.

The Jimmie Spheeris Memorial Gallery: jimmiespheeris.com
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