Jimmie Spheeris: Live Double CD: An Evening with Jimmie Spheeris

 In addition to Jimmie tunes you may be familiar with, the live album featured performances of songs that were never previously released on any album. "Rosie's Night Out" is a good example. Here's a transcript of Jimmie's intro, followed by the lyrics.

"This next song is about a high school pom-pom girl... who went bad. Actually, she made a very good hooker in her later years... in her earlier years.

"Can you hear me there? OK? Well, you must stop talking while I'm interrupting you [laughing]. Anyway, this song takes place at a very sleazy corner... perhaps one of the sleazier corners in the world. It's the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Los Palmas, in the lovely town of Hollywood, California. And there's a Bar & Grill there called Georgia's. And this young pom-pom girl I was telling you about - her name is Rosie. And this is about her night out." [Jimmie to the band: "Let's play."]

Rosie's Night Out

There's a Bar & Grill down on the Boulevard
Where cruisers and losers meet the Hollywood stars
Jukebox jivers, finger-snappin' queens
They're losing their temper and looking for dreams
Dreams for the lonely ones...

How they come to lean on lonely lights
To hotel windows and empty nights
The romance out looking for a fight
You're going crazy

Cheap gin and movie magazines
Look in the mirror - where's that high school queen?
Get dressed and go out
Find yourself somebody to love

And here come Rosie down the Boulevard
She's looking so fine - just like a movie star
She walks past the counter, to the pinball machines
Tossing her hair past the crazy black queens, she says

Does anybody wanna dance with me?
Does anybody wanna dance?
Does anybody wanna dance with me?
Does anybody wanna...

You should have seen them slow dance
All through the night
Rosie in her fever
Freddy with his jeans real tight
In satin shoes, pushed up against a velvet blue...

And out on the street, sombody's making a deal
The last days of Babylon, only with a feel
So come to the corner - all your dreams will be filled
You can pay later

Does anybody wanna dance with me?
Does anybody wanna dance?
Does anybody wanna dance with me?
Does anybody wanna... 

Written by Jimmie Spheeris
(c) 1976 Joebeam Music Inc., BMI. All rights reserved.

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