It was the spring of 1978 and we were getting ready to do our usual tour. Jimmie called me up and asked me to open the show for him in a few cities (Jimmie was always very supportive of his band members). I had never even considered doing such a thing, but I nervously agreed. You see, to me no one could be as good as Jimmie Spheeris... and I had to justify my opening the show for him by thinking that since I was part of his band, the fans would probably like that. It would be like an extension of Jimmie. My songs were so influenced by him anyway.

But anyway, here's the good part...

It was time to go to the concert, so we all met in the hotel lobby at the agreed upon time and jumped in a cab. Jimmie made a point to ride with me - and I remember thinking how strange that was, as he usually didn't care who he rode with. I just thought that since I was opening the show for him - and especially since he knew how nervous I was - he probably wanted to be with me to calm me down... or to make sure I didn't run off. So, we took off... and when we rounded the corner to the theater, I took one look at the very bright marquee and saw that my name was huge - and most of all, above Jimmie's!! I couldn't believe it. Jimmie just started laughing. I really could not believe it. To this day, I'm still in awe of that... just to see the smile on my face, he had the theater put my name above his. That's the kind of person Jimmie was. I miss him.

- Johnny Pierce

See how this photo was digitally restored and editied for the Live album cover.

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