This 1/3 page vertical ad appeared on page 75 in the October 23, 1975 issue of Rolling Stone. The scan you see here was made from a clipping that Johnny sent us. The original has yellowed and faded quite badly... making it hard to reproduce.

Ron Coro and Jon Brogna art directed the original cover art for this album. I wonder if they did the ad campaign. Anybody here know about that? I'd love to get my hands on the original page layout, if it still exists. This stuff needs to be preserved.

Anyway, those were the days. Do you have any idea what a 1/3 page vertical ad in Rolling Stone costs in these days? Call them and find out. It's a creepy number. Adjusted for inflation, this ad represents a considerable commitment to Jimmie's work at that time from his label, Epic Records.

This was part of Epic's marketing campaign for the release of The Dragon Is Dancing. At the bottom of the ad are some club and concert dates. Were you at one of them? Post your stories in the Facebook Fan Page for other fans to read.

9/30 - 10/4, Nashville, Exit Inn
10/9 - 12, Houston, Liberty Hall
10/16 - 18, Austin
10/24, Columbia MO
10/25, Kansas City KS, Memorial Hall
(great show - your humble webmaster was lucky enough to be there)
10/29 - 11/2, Chicago, Quiet Knight
11/12 - 15, Atlanta, Great S.E. Music Hall
11/26 - 30, New York, The Other End
12/4 - 7, Boston

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