A snapshot Johnny sent us from a January 1977 concert in Dallas. Left to right: Joe Larsen, Johnny, Jimmie. The low lighting levels throw it a little out of focus, but I wanted to add it to Johnny's wing in the gallery because I love the row of Jimmie's guitars in the background. Jimmie used some nice open tunings, and had several guitars on stage so he could quickly switch from one to another.

From some email Johnny sent about Jimmie's guitars: "By the way, you probably remember when Jimmie got all his guitars stolen from the trunk of his car. He had given me his prize Martin shortly before - for my birthday. I remember trying to give it back to him after the incident, but he would not hear of it. That was a sad day for me. I used to tune all his guitars before every show. I knew each one like the back of my hand... they were all very close friends of mine."

Makes me wonder where those guitars are... who has them and if they have any idea of the history they hold. Maybe someone will come forward someday.

A quick story about guitarist Joe Larsen... Johnny sent this: "Jimmie used to make fun of Joe because he used to only eat peanut M & Ms and drink RC Cola - No, I mean that's all he would eat or drink... nothing else. But he was a great player."

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