This is a clipping Johnny sent us from The Denver Post, dated September 23, 1976. It's a review of a Jimmie concert in Denver and contains some biographical information you may not have known. Here's an excerpt from the text, written by Grant Tyson:

Before he began to make it, Jimmie Spheeris used to assemble kaleidoscopes with Jackson Browne, "so we could make enough money to go to San Francisco to be hippies."

Now, some years later, Jimmie Spheeris is assembling some beautifully thoughtful music. He performed at Ebbets Field Wednesday night and will continue through Friday.

Spheeris' material is moody, very well arranged and highly introspective. His three albums, two on Columbia and the latest, "The Dragon is Dancing" on Epic, have earned him an avid following. "It is just recently that I've begun to flow more freely with my audiences," he said. "My music is still introspective, but not to the point of narcissism."

[You may want to read the lyrics for "Lost in the Midway" for an example of what writer Grant Tyson is referring to in the following paragraph.]

Spheeris was a circus kid. His mother and father owned and operated a roving carnival called the Majick Empire when he was very young. He still draws musical inspiration from those early years of colorful transience. "The people in the carnival for some reason weren't as sleazy as most circus people. They had a sense of culture, of ethnic background - or something about them - that just made them great people."

In addition to his songwriting and performing, Spheeris has compiled a book of poems soon to be published. He also does a lot of drawing. The band travels in a motor home, which broke down coming into Denver and almost prevented their making the show at all. "I hope to get into some script writing for movies when I get back to LA," he said.

Spheeris' velvety baritone and relaxed, yet professional stage presence, charmed the crowd at Ebbets Wednesday night. Excellent assistance was afforded by his backup band, consisting of John Pierce on bass, Geoff Levin on guitar, Jim Cowger on piano and reeds, and Brad Small on drums, in his first live performance with the band.

The original article is Copyright (c) 1976 The Denver Post.
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